Make Money Online From Daily Status Earn money

Hy Guys how are you i hope you are fine , so today Qadeer Munir is going to tell you about new online earning Application Daily Status Earn money

How App Work ?

If friends use the CougWits app.
So this app is going to be great for you guys.
You can make a lot of money with this application.
Today I am going to tell you the full details of how you will earn money from this application.
First of all I will tell you how to create a special account in this application.

Create An Account

As soon as you place this application on your mobile.
And you will definitely want to make money from this application.
So no need to worry.
You are given a form in it.
Which you guys have to complete.
As soon as you complete this form. After giving your full name and full description.
So that’s your last job.
Submit the form you have just completed.
Now those who have a website will check your form thoroughly.
As soon as they liked the form.
Or do they just not pay attention when you tell them something to do?
And this guy really wants to make money from our application.
So they accept your request immediately.
And that way you can make money on this website for free

Earning From Daily Status Earn money

I told you in the beginning.
People who use WhatsApp can earn good money from this application very easily.
Here is what you need to do in this application:
You are given some special videos in this application.
Which is a total of 30 seconds.
All you have to do is watch these videos. The more you watch these videos, the more money you will make.
If you also put videos on the WhatsApp. So this task is very easy for you people. Because you guys apply WhatsApp status anyway.
If you download and install from this application, you can get money from them.
And I want to tell you one more thing.
If you have good WhatsApp status.
Or good videos.
You can also upload good videos and good WhatsApp status in this application.
The more WhatsApp status and videos you upload, the more money you can make.

Withdrawal Process

In this application you guys have a fixed date.
A fixed time And there is a fixed day and a withdrawal limit.
And if you complete all these things, you can easily withdraw your money from this application.
If you are working on any application. Or if you want to work on any money making application, I want to let you know.
First you have to research this application.
Does this application really pay?
Or are they lying?
If you are really paying, you can work on their application.

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